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  • Nathan Gray

Standing For Truth

We at TankSpek have sat quietly, through 2020, as we’ve watched violent mobs burning our once great nation. We’ve kept our heads down and gone to work while people have gathered in large groups intent on burning our great cities and enacting violence on those who would offer even peaceful, opposing perspectives. Now the ostensible justification for these unlawful and violent acts has thus far been demonstrated through a meme-level understanding of the history of the United States, along with an apparent conflation between the morally-sound conclusion that the well-being of others matters, and the adolescent supposition that the feelings of others matter.

We’ve watched as people of apparent character have sought to appease angry mobs by claiming to listen and learn. Ethical people who are educated have passively adopted a narrative which masquerades as a manifesto of unity and peace. Only this manifesto, brilliantly cloaked in unity, has effectuated anything but what it falsely claims to pursue. While delivering a powerful movement of hatred which impels families and neighbors to spread violence, along with both relational and physical destruction on one another, the mob has convinced the casual American that this destructive force is rooted in something agreeable; congenial; something safe that once acknowledged, would effectuate a much needed turn toward peace, unity, and a utopian tolerance between all races. If you believe that this pursuit of a cultural utopia is new, or that it is without a definition and a curriculum, then your history books may need a revisit.

Now, it is with these sentiments at the forefront of our minds that we implore you as people of reason to stand on your moral principles in your outcry for justice and morality.

Over the last weeks we’ve watched as proclaiming Christians have stood in solidarity with a movement named #BLM which openly states, among other things:

We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable.”

In other words, "we stand in opposition to the Biblically prescribed family unit."

We’ve watched as individuals and corporations have ostensibly pleaded for peace and unity by standing in solidarity with this group which openly chants “What do we want? Dead Cops!!! When do we want them? Now!!!”

Now is not the time for pacificators to bow down and accept the narratives, catchy titles, or public statements of a group of terrorists (comprised of all races) who have positioned themselves against our morals, against our families, and specifically against our institutions of Christian religion.

TankSpekCorp stands for peace and racial unity in our great nation, while remaining open to a dialogue which explores the necessity to reform not only our police, but even our entire justice system. It may be noted that for too long, our American justice system has created a “system” for our nations’ poor. This system ensnares many of our nation’s poor into a pattern and even a lifestyle of obligation to our judges, prosecutors, jailers, and probation officers, often with only a public defender between these individual’s future and a lifetime of being controlled by a hopeless “system”.

While believing as we may that a reformation is necessary, as a company, and as individuals, we refuse to adopt a rallying cry - however beautifully named - from a group that outspokenly stands in opposition to our country, our families, and our God.

We are challenging you, our fellow Americans, to not adopt a narrative as a reaction against the perceptible stupidity of the alternative. May we encourage you to pursue a narrative which aligns with your own morals, and your own religious doctrine? Stand for truth, not something which postures itself as such. If unity is our goal, then we must protect all groups which we are seeking to unify.

Nathan Gray

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