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The TankSpek Difference

Taking Facility Inspections to a Whole New Level

Potable water is a public health responsibility that you've boldly chosen to embrace. 
TankSpek provides community decision makers with the tools necessary to maintain compliance, and make informed decision for public water systems.


Quality Assurance

Cheap inspections are commonly offered by tower renovation companies, and often include a report geared toward forcing the sale of costly repairs. Our inspections are competitively priced, and offer you a report that maintains your status of compliance, while alerting you of necessary improvements. Our reports are performed with a mind toward providing our customers with the best information, rather than a hope to sell a project. 


Peace of Mind


If your water towers are due for a sanitary and structural inspection, TankSpek can handle that for you. Our inspections are state specific, and in compliance with each respective state regulatory agency. 

After we inspect your tower, we keep track of your tower's records and scheduling history. These records are made easily available to you in the future with one convenient phone call.

Extended Coatings Life


Our inspections routinely uncover coating delamination which may be corrected utilizing a comprehensive coating service. Many of our customers have reported that their entire cost of inspections is consistently offset by the significant increase in their tank’s interior coatings life, due to finding these issues and correcting them before a more expensive renovation is necessary. Call today to receive a copy of our updated reference list, and hear more about our services!

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